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IDEA Capture
Used for simple image capture.
IDEA Capture Plus
Used when more complicated export is required.
IDEA Desktop
Used when full image processing is needed but volume only merits a single user.
IDEA Enterprise
Used when volumes are large enough to merit multiple users and multiple processing jobs.

Time tested and reliable image capture. 
Used for post scan image processing in a single or multi-user environment. 

PowerScan has revolutionized its approach to Business Information Capture.  The IDEA suite of software products is designed to address organizations need for digital object processing in an Integrated Digital Environment.  IDEA represents a paradigm shift from the current monolithic digital imaging systems to a comprehensive Integrated Digital Environment.  With IDEA, the capture of digital objects is now information centric as opposed to media centric.  Now users will be able to satisfy their processing requirements with an integrated system configured for their unique processing requirements.

PowerScan’s IDEA is a new platform designed to acquire, process, store, and deliver today's advanced digital objects.   IDEA’s flexible, modular, open architecture is the platform from which a digital object solution should be built.  As with all PowerScan products, IDEA is a complete working solution designed for use “out of the box”, or easily modified to address unique processing requirements.

IDEA puts control of the application and processing in the hands of the end user.  No longer are users bound by what the software can do; IDEA is easily configured to create powerful capture solutions.  Simply point, click, and order the necessary processes, create an index structure, and IDEA is ready to capture virtually any type of document.  NO PROGRAMMING NECESSARY!!!  All this power is managed with centralized administration, which equates to improved system control and reduced downtime due to configuration errors.

IDEA uses the power of Microsoft’s Windows Script Technologies to provide an event driven method for external system connectivity and the format and export captured data and object.  By using Windows Script Technologies, IDEA provides access to powerful scripting languages like VBScript, Jscript and other compliant script engines.  This scripting capability provides almost limitless access to third party tools and systems.  Example usages of this capability are limitless.  Connect to legacy database system for database look up’s.  Extend IDEA’s processing power by adding in third party object and data processes.  Connect to Microsoft Exchange to store captured data or send email alerts to administrators.

IDEA Capture -back-

Capture is designed as an entry level image capture only product with a single point of entry, the scanner and a single point of export, the IDX file.  Capture provides only one Agent that has access to only TWAIN scanner drivers and the ability to enhance image quality at scan time.  Data is stored in an ASCII fixed length file (PowerScan's standard IDX file.) 

 IDEA Capture Plus -back-

Capture Plus includes everything in Capture and adds the following.  Access to PowerScan's proven scanner driver technology, access to Microsoft's Windows Script Technologies and database storage of capture data.  Capture Plus includes two Agents, the first for scanning, and the second for export.  Export scripts are written in standard VBScript or Jscript and can be customized to meet specific requirements.  Capture Plus also includes batch queuing capabilities enabling the user to automatically export queued batches.
IDEA Desktop -back-
Desktop adds several new functions to the system.  First it includes all available Engines: Scan, Cleanup, OCR, Print, Script, Endorse, and Barcode.  Second it give the end user the ability to mix and match these engines and create their own Agents.  This is achieved simply in the Administration tool with a point and click.  For example, users can create OCR Agents for zones, or OCR Agents for full test, or even combine Engines to more complex processing like OCRing a value that is used to do a database look up.  As with Capture Plus , Desktop provides automatic batch queuing allowing the end user to queue up many batches and then processes them all in an automatic fashion.
IDEA Enterprise -back-
Enterprise Server introduces full automation and multi-user capabilities.  With an Enterprise Server, customers can connect multiple users to one IDEA system and increase over all throughput.  In addition, batches flow through an Enterprise system in a fully automatic manner.  This means that interactive Agents, such as Indexing, the user selects Run and the next available batch is automatically loaded.  For fully automatic Agents, such as OCR, when Run is selected the Agent will continually process batches until the user select stop.  A well-configured system can be dispersed through out the enterprise providing true enterprise wide capture and processing capabilities.  In addition to enterprise wide connectivity, Enterprise Sever adds a second method for customization.  End Users or VARS can use the COM interface of an Engine and create their own engines for specific processing needs.

PowerScan -back- Features:
PowerScan is a software package that controls and enhances the performance of production scanners. It is delivered as a complete, ready-to-use program that reflects PowerScan's over six years of experience with high-volume scanning applications.

Originally developed to support an urgent requirement for Operation Desert Storm, PowerScan is a tested, mature product, that offers powerful and flexible capabilities in high-volume scanning environments. PowerScan is widely implemented, and has proven to be one of the most popular high-volume scanning applications in the imaging industry. PowerScan supports production batch scanning operations and includes the robust features required to reliably and efficiently scan tens of thousands of pages per day.

Shrink-Wrapped  product, not a toolkit.
Identical User Interface  regardless of the scanner.
Drives scanners at or above rated speeds.
Supports scanners full functionality
Patch page detection for document separation.
Blank, Patch, and Barcode page dropout
Supports up to 10 index fields.
Save separate configurations for later recall. 
Configure front and rear camera separately.
Supports most SCSI based scanners from:
Kodak, Fujitsu, B+H, Ricoh, Panasonic, Banctec, Fuji

StageWorks -back- Features:
StageWorks software manages the batch oriented processing and formatting of large volumes of digitized images and associated text and/or index data. It is effectively a pipeline of processes, or "stages" that convert raw digital image files into clean processed files of three types: images, text and index information. In short, StageWorks is process control.

StageWorks Systems:

  • StageWorks Office is designed for desktop or departmental level image processing requirements.
  • StageWorks Industrial has been engineered for the most demanding multi-processing document imaging environments.

All versions of StageWorks run on Windows 3.1X, Windows 95, and Windows NT.

Visual Quality Control: View images with in a batch to check and correct quality.  Deskew, Despecle, rotate, delete, mark for Rework.
Indexing: Index images individually or as a part of groups within the batch. Indexing also includes all VQC features.
OCR: Full page Optical Character Recognition.  Creates ASCII text for each image.
Endorsement: Brand data to the bottom of each tiff.
Batch Print: Used for blow back printing.  Prints each image with in the batch.
Rework: Rescan images into, or by replacing bad images within a batch
Format Bridge: Export captured data, tiffs and text for use by most popular Retrieval systems.
Full system Administration.
Multiple job streams.
User and Job Level security.
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