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From time to time we will post files, fixes, and updates that we feel are important to our end users and resellers. Please check back from time to time for the latest files and updates. 

Notes on files found here:
Marketing Files
All marketing files are presented in Adobe PDF format.  You can download the latest Acrobat Reader from www.adobe.com.   

Patches and Updates
It is important that patches or updates are install according to the instructions provided on this page or with in the download itself.  PowerScan Inc. is not responsible for any patch or update that is installed incorrectly. 

Script Files
Unless otherwise noted, Script files are provided as samples only and are not supported directly by PowerScan, Inc..
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Evaluation Software
Idea Desktop Version 4.1.4F 67.972 MB
Download an evaluation copy here. Please contact PowerScan Sales to obtain a password and installation keycode at bcompton@pwrscan.com
Marketing Files
Release of IDEA Version 4.1.3C 13 kb
PowerScan announces the release of IDEA Version 4.1.3C

About PowerScan 69 kb
One page document describing PowerScan, Inc.

IDEA White Paper 259 kb
In depth description of the IDEA information capture system.

IDEA Product Description 70 kb
One page document that describes each product offering with in the IDEA suite.

IDEA Customers Introduction Letter 73 kb
Letter to current StageWorks and PowerScan user introducing the IDEA system.

IDEA System Overview 821 kb
Power Point presentation in PDF format describing the IDEA information capture system.

IDEA for the Canon RFS 1000  268 kb
Slick Sheet on IDEA's support for the Canon RFS 1000.

Patches and Updates
Idea Version 3.1.3 Updates 4.10 MB
Updates on IDEA Version 3.1.3

Idea Version 4.1.3 Updates 6.10 MB
Updates on IDEA Version 4.1.3. This version requires a new keycode. Please contact PowerScan sales at 703-430-8227 or e-mail to TMurphy@pwrscan.com.

Idea Manuals 5.05 MB
Updated Manuals for IDEA Version 4.1.3.

Y2K fix for PowerScan and StageWorks Installations 647 kb
This self extracting installation will correct an "evaluation timeout" issue on PowerScan and StageWorks systems installed after January 1, 2000.  Please run this patch after you have installed PowerScan or StageWorks.

IDEA Scripts
All sample scripts used with IDEA's Script Engine for processing and export are included in the updates.